About Auto-Kool, Distributor of Top Quality Automotive Cooling HVAC After-Market Parts

Auto-Kool is a Master Distributor of top quality automotive cooling and air conditioning after-market parts. Based in Montreal, Auto Kool services its customers through a network of eight (8) distribution centers across Canada located in Toronto [ON], Ottawa [ON], Montreal [QC], Moncton [NB], Dartmouth [NS], Vancouver [BC], Edmonton [AB] and St. John's [NL] with extensive and comprehensive inventories at the best quality and competitive pricing in the Canadian market.

Auto-Kool offers brand new complete radiators, heaters, condensers, evaporators, accum/driers, compressors, a/c hoses, blower motors, fan motor assemblies, charge air coolers, truck condensers, truck radiators, fuel tanks, modular units and oil pans.

Auto-Kool is committed to introducing high quality products, development and introduction of new models through its partnerships with worldwide manufacturing sources, and providing its customers with excellent service and value.